• December 3, 2022 8:32 am
  • Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

Specifications 1.power on:connect the plug to electricity. 2.standby status:hand up status: the intercom always in the receiving signal status, light indicator twinkles 4 seconds a time. press the id number of the intercom you want to call, then press call button, red light bright and enter into call status. b:if didn’t receive answer signal will be considered no signal, the calling intercom will sound 4 “di… ” to prompt there is no signal and end call status. if received feedback signal from called intercom: 1). if no one answer the call at the opposite side, it will sound 15 “du… ” and stop, but called intercom is available to answer the call within one minute,after 1 minuters then end call status automatically. 2). if someone answer the call, will stop the sound “du… ” green light bright and enter into conversation status. c: if the intercom called received signal, red light bright and create sound, will stop sound after two “ding dong”, and enter into


  • Category : Home Appliances
  • Condition : New
  • Item Type : Other Appliance

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